Tammy Francis, Ph.D.

Strategist. Educator. Author. Speaker.

The Catalyst

The catalyst to get you moving in the direction of knowledge and light, the direction of self-awareness, the direction of your dreams, the direction of “more” by focusing on your mind, body, and soul. 

Dr. Tammy is a founder, global strategist, educator, consultant, blockchain and Web 3 consultant, educational researcher, author, speaker and JEDI advocate. Dr. Tammy’s passion is to help you discover yours, spark a reaction that precipitates change in your life and/or business. She chooses to educate, serve, and push others to aspire for more. Think bigger than your big!

In the mist of reaching your goals, you will encounter challenging people or situation. Therefore, she also helps you address those people or situations head on.  She creates a human experience for her clients. In order to get to a place of learning and embrace our greatness, you must become more self-aware and open to education, innovation, and exploration.

Empower. Educate. Equip. Explore.

Dr. Tammy, The Catalyst