Blockchain Empowered Conversations

This is a monthly membership group. This community discusses all things blockchain and more–blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens, Web 3.0, metaverse, future of education and learning, future of work, future of business, blockchain for business, digital transformation, generational wealth building, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and more. We meet monthly for our Blockchain Empowered Conversations meetings. We also have meetups and participate in other blockchain/Web3 events around the world.

Membership comes with access to the Blockchain Empowered Conversations events, discounts, door prizes, giveaways, and surprises. Membership dues are currently $23 USD monthly or $240 annually. Currently, our membership year is February 1st – January 31st; annual membership renews February 1st every year. If interested in membership, please send us an email to, and we will send you an invoice. Stay connected between meetings and get the latest announcements, join us on Telegram.

Conscious Catalysts Global Reading Community (formerly Women Aspiring for More).

Join our community of Conscious Catalyst Global Reading Community on Telegram. This community actively supports and encourages you to walk in your passion, step into your purpose, and live in both spaces comfortably. This community connects us with each other. This community focuses on pushing you to “what’s next” for you and equipping you with tools, strategies, and resources to do so. A big part of this community is our personal and professional development book club, also known as Literary Catalysis. Currently, this is a FREE community. 

Literary Catalysis for Educators (LCE)

This community engages, shares, and collaborates with other secondary and post-secondary teachers–both preservice and inservice, as well as education enthusiasts. We read and discuss books of interest to us as educators as well as those of interest to our students and children.

 In addition, this community offers professional development training, guest experts, literacy and instructional strategies, as well opportunities for collaboration, partnerships, and networking.

There are also retreats offered throughout the year that will provide an opportunity for professional development while giving you the opportunity travel and see other parts of the world. Live videos and virtual chats are also a part of this community.

Join our C4C Global Community on Telegram: