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Connections and Conversations

(Launching soon on BIYD TV)

“Connections and Conversations” is a show about having conversations that help us explore the self and serve as a catalyst to aspire for more and be better than our best. The connections we make change who are and the world we live in.

Dr. Tammy Talks

“Dr. Tammy Talks” show provides an opportunity for her community to engage casually with her about what going on with each other, the Catalyst 4 Change Global Community, and the world (current events).

Journey Toward More

Weekly Uploads on Tuesday

The “Journey Toward More” podcast is designed to make meaningful connections by engaging in thoughtful and insightful conversations. The purpose of the show is to inspire listeners, provide strategies, and share examples of what Dr. Tammy does and others do—mind, body, and soul—to aspire for more. Dr. Tammy welcomes guests to share their experience(s) as well. The podcast also encourages listeners to be a catalyst for change and move in the direction of more by accomplishing their goals.

Catalytic Connection

“Catalytic Connections” is a show to highlight the transformative connections Dr. Tammy and the Catalyst 4 Change Global Community have made or can make on our journey toward more. Dr. Tammy invites different co-hosts/experts to help deliver the content for the week and share their catalytic connection with Dr. Tammy and the C4C Global Community. This show promotes creating connections that are that create change where you are on your journey.

C4C Global Biz Whiz

“C4C Global Biz Whiz” is a show to share tips, strategies, and resources for entrepreneurs and business owners to improve their practices, processes, and procedures.