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The Playbook

This playbook is a calendar, journal, guide with trackers all-in-one. It is a playbook for your life and/or business to help you play this game called life and live it on purpose, with intention.  It is a one-stop purpose shop. With this playbook, you can get your life in order, keep it in order, and remove the excuses. It’s a game changer for those who are ready to take their life and/or business to the next level. It is your playbook of action plays. It is a mini-coaching program at your fingertips that you can carry around with you or leave at your desk. This playbook offers a stock of usual tactics or methods, a playbook of strategies. It contains diagrams or templates of life plays–a life playbook. Dr. Tammy designed this playbook just for you, as guide to help you organize your life and get what you want. Dr. Tammy wants you to manifest all that you desire in the areas of education, career, personal development, family, fitness, fun/travel, finances, and faith. It is a catalyst for change with plays to help you win in life and/or business. This comprehensive playbook is the secret you’ve been looking for to reach your goals.

R.E.A.P. More

76 quotes with commentary—questions and reflective prompts—to help you on your journey toward more. It offers practical strategies and mindset work to apply to your life—to shift your mindset into a positive space ready to tackle the world and move in the direction of more.

These quotes are seeds to plant, sow, and grow into something you can use to help you on our journey toward more. We must plant them, water them, and give them light. Each seed is designed to shift your mindset so you can allow love and positive energy to flow like water and light while you grow your goals into reality and reap the harvest.


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